Friday, November 11, 2011

Semester break starts.

I've gone overboard this time for leaving this blog here all alone for so long. Life's harsh on you eh blog? It's been the same for me too. So chill out, kay? : P

Semester break is finally here, and it's now been about a week I guess since I left my hostel for the break. It just boggles my mind to know how darn lazy I have been this entire week. I started to realize that I was wasting precious time in my life when I was tidying up my room just now. Yes, I've step foot inside my room for days now, and only today I somehow had the urge to clean up the mess in my room. My bags, books, and other stuffs that I brought in back from hostel were on the floor of my room all the time. Can you imagine that throughout this week, I've been living in such a hostile environment? Man, I must be some sort of a super human being. Me gusta.

Fathi's clock ended up inside my room. By the way, Fathi is my housemate back in hostel. Here, in my room, you can tell by looking at the books there that I'm not done tidying up my room. Oh, and there's the old antique computer. -.- How do I get rid of it?

Sigh. It's still a long way to go.

Friday, August 12, 2011

A random update.

From the fourth floor of my hostel block.
I was testing out Jijie's D90. It feels great.

Just now, someone asked me whether I have updated my blog or not. Of course I didn't need to take time to answer that because the answer is an obvious no. Ironically, that contradicts what I had resolved in my previous blog post. For those who have not read that, and are too lazy too scroll down to that post, click here. You can see that how I just bullshitted there. I have a netbook with me, and Internet all the time yet I still can't update as regularly as I said I will. Sigh.

Anyway, my life has been, I don't know lately. I had another SAT practice test on Wednesday. I can't say much about it. So far I've gotten the marks for the reading and maths section. Reading has improved a little; my maths dropped. Overall for both sections, it has improved a little if I compare it to the previous tests, but I can't say the same thing if I were to add up the mark for the writing section. I haven't gotten my essay score, but I have the feeling it's not gonna be any good because I when I was halfway doing my essay, I realized that I was writing off topic. -.-
In short, I sucked my SAT practice test.

Enough with that already. Let's move on to something else. Now's August 12th! You know what does that means? I don't know Okay, I'm just blurting out random stuffs. My birthday was on the 9th, and it was great. Friends acted out events that led me to having no choice but to follow them eat out for breaking the fast. Supposedly, we were to go to the usual mamak restaurant, but Arsyad who was driving the car drove farther and farther until we finally reached Subang Parade. Real thanks guys (Arsyad, Fauzan, Fathi, Syazwan, Epul). I will treasure that day in my memory forever. Damn I love you guys.

When you know it's almost impossible to achieve something, 
Keep on aiming for the moon, but shoot for the stars.
Who knows you'll miss and hit the moon instead.
That is what I learn from someone who craps a lot.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Of what hides in the shadow.

Nevertheless, you can always move forward.

This may be kind of random, but starting from now, I resolve to write more in this blog. As to why? SAT and TOEFL scares me especially when it comes to writing. I haven't had anything much written for the past months that now my writing has become really terrible. It's not like I can't write anymore, but I tend to digress a lot halfway. Seems like I have to do something before it gets any worse. 

Monday, July 11, 2011

Changing track. Changing pace.

With Ridhwan in green around KL plus the signboard.
Yeah. Another signboard. I'm obsessed. -.-

Haven't had anything interesting to be updated lately so I guess updating about my boring life will do this time. Wait a minute. Isn't that what I've been doing all these times around. -.- Never mind.

Finally after months rotting at home, looks like I've finally settled down my unhealthy life of eating and sleeping at home. Registered at college last 3rd of July. I can't say anything yet for now because classes are yet to start. On Friday 8th, did the class placement test and gave it my best. It was an english test. I am not expecting much from it though. 63/70. There should be many others on par and many others who are better since most of them are scholars. -.-
I can slack off no more here. 

Wish me all the best here. 
Even if it's just a simple wish, it means a lot to me as a motivation.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Not so old story.

Where was I? Central Market. June 16th.
Haha. It's a little too late to post about June 16th now.
It's like a week now from June 16th. Went there with Uzair for the purpose of getting our films done.
There are two stores that can process film inside Central Market and several outside near the area.
Brought both of my cameras along, the MG-1 and the D3100, the latter brought to experiment some stuffs with it which you'll see the results somewhere at the end of this post, if you stayed here long enough.
(Or stayed short enough while scrolling fast enough).

Been there, emptied a roll there, and later got it processed and scanned. Some of the pictures below are shot by me and some by Uzair. Uzair is a devoted film lover, and a lomographer too.

Kasturi Walk. 
It was in the afternoon. Luckily the skies were quite dark back then so it wasn't that hot like it normally would.

The big wau thingy.
A thing I love about the Yashica MG-1 that I have is because of it's fixed focal length,
I can say it's quite sharp if you zoom in to see the details.
But in this case, not here because I already resized the photos.

 Uzair. That's him alright.
Slightly out of focus.

For some reasons, I love to shoot signboards. I don't know why.

The rest are random street shots.
 I love the colours. I don't even need to photoshop.

 Almost looked like they're holding hands.
Or were they? 0.o
Just kidding. Almost.

Reds are dares. City folks are daring. So there's no stopping one from crossing even though it's still red.

This kind of shot, is definitely Uzair's. A shot from the hips.

A line of motorcycles. Do I even need to mention this?
I'm out of words.

 Uzair got me in this one. Lost direction to one of the stores.
Been there once so I kinda forgot where was that one store. Fortunately, found it afterwards.

 And not long after that, I found the source of STDs.

It doesn't say that cars weren't allowed.
Why were there no cars?
Okay. Enough with the stupid question.

Different angle from a different vantage point.
See the sharpness.

This marked the 7th roll of film that I've shot and so far, this is the most successful by having all shots turned out. To be noted that I didn't upload all to this post. Anyways, yeay!

Oh yea, before I forgot, I did bring the Nikon along to experiment some stuffs, here is one.

 Panorama! It has already been resized. Actual size is more than 50 megapixel.
Took 9 shots while panning and later on photomerged it using photoshop.
I should have taken another two or more shots to the right.
Sigh. This is what happens when you don't have a wide enough lens.

PS: I'm broke. So if you see any ads in this blog, and you are interested to click on one, do not hesitate. ; )

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Don't kid around, I'm not kidding, he's a kid.

Yea yea. I know, for stating the obvious.
Anyway, I forgot the kid's name.

Shot at a kenduri doa selamat my friend, Hadzim and his family held at their house long ago (not that long actually. A month before I think. Ah. Forget it.). Next to his house was a kindergarten. They borrowed the kindergarten's place for that day and you know, that really helped a lot since most of the kids crowded the playground there instead of the insides of their house. Hadzim even said,
"Nasib baik ada tadika ni. Kalau tak habislah rumah aku. Hancur."

So, what's up with this post? Nothing much. I've been caught up with thinking about posting shots I've taken using my film camera too much that I sometimes forget that I have a Nikon. Sorry to my Nikon that I left you weeping in that bag on that deserted table in my room. So here you go. A photo taken using my grumpy Nikon.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

What goes around, sometimes comes dead.

Apparently, there's a cat at my house and it's been already months now. How I found it well, I don't really pick it up. I don't remember exactly when is that day, but there is this one day a few months earlier when I saw this cat in the back alley of my house. It was a skinny cat meow-ing at people's kitchen windows. I got out, fed it and played with a for a while and that's it. Though I love cats, I didn't plan on taking care of this one. But the next day, instead of wandering in the back alley like how it used to before, it was in front of the door when I opened the door to the porch of my house.

This has now been a daily sight.

A cat being cat. This is what I found last night.

Not just last night. Once in a while, it brings home this.

Sometimes, you don't have to look for pets because sometimes, they will just come and look for you.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Let it be like this for a while.

New post, new background, new color theme, and a new header. Let's just say that I've just given this blog a fresh new breath even though it has never breathe before nor lived. Now now, cut the crap.
Apparently I was bored today so I spent the day revamping the layout and designing the header. The layout doesn't take much time because all I did was changing the color codes that I previously set up for the previous layout. The background, those sprocket holes, took only a little while because they're just holes I did just to fill the blank a little. What took some time was the header. I waited long just to think of what to put in it.

Anyways, the city line, or silhoutte or whatever you call it was based on one of a friend's work. Kimal.
Thanks goes to him.

I know, I know. It's not that much of a change anyway. The wrappers are pretty much still the same. I thought of changing it all way through but you know, laziness prevented that from happening. The choice of colours may seem somewhat moody but never mind. At the very least, it makes coloured pictures pop out. : D
At least, that's what I think.

Fine :) I'll pluck you instead.
Laws created by human, there are always flaws.
Yashica MG-1.
Fuji Superia 200 ISO.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Alhamdulillah. : )

Hey there. Yeah it's me again, back here after quite a long time silencing here since my previous post. The reason for that is erm, well, for some reasons for short. I ain't gonna bore you with all that.

The picture of the day:

Finally, I got my film rolls processed. 
After months, I realised that the films just won't walk it's way for processing.

Waiting for the MARA interview result sure took some time. But it's worth the wait. I was on facebook on Monday night when Waffy sent me a link directing me to a page to check the result. Alhamdulillah. I got it.
MARA will be sending me to do the American Degree Foundation Programme at INTEC. : )
Will be registering on July the 3rd. Guess what does that means? Plenty of time to rot comfortably at home.
I think I should begin studying and revising something. My brain has deteriorated over these fluffy times. =.=

Yashica MG-1.
Fuji Superia 200 ISO.

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Tomorrow is going to be another day in my life in which my life will change. It will decide whether I'll be going for the path that I desired for, or a path that is slightly longer, or even an entire new path in my life. : )

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim, Al-Fatihah. Ya Allah, please be with me.

A shot when I was in I-City yesterday.
LEDs which you can find on street traffic lights, well, they're here in abundance.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

"I'm real, and this is real.", says Reality.

It's now a week since the result day and more than a week since I last updated. Actually, the night before the SPM results were out I had written a post wishing all the best and good luck to those who'll be taking results the next day but uh, you see, there's always technical problems waiting just around the corner, seeking the perfect time for an ambush and ruin the day. Well, mine was ruined okay and it wasn't published. Anyway, it doesn't matter. Probably most people had received tons of wishes already in their phones that time.

How's SPM result?
Alhamdulillah, everything is fine. Even received a sarcasm from my sister. When she knew about my result, she said, "Oh, muallaf ye?". That is a perfect way to congratulate your brother.
Sigh. Malukan?
They say you reap what you sow right? Oh well, I guess that's the punishment for sleeping 80% of time during Pendidikan Islam classes. You've been paid back in cash man Naim. Way to go!
A- for Pendidikan Islam. I guess I deserve that.

So, now what? Real life starts now you say? I don't know man. My real life has begun ever since I was born. None of the parts from my timeline are fake. Are you telling me that all these while you were a fake?  HAHA! Okay stop, sorry that I got carried away. Please, don't get offended. Is that even offensive? Nah. : P

Now now, since SPM results were out, quite a lot asked me which Uni I'll be going for. Man, that's a hard question to answer. It would be much easier if you give me the money. Money talks.

"What ship doesn't sink? Scholarship", says Arsyad.

If it sinks, it's scholarsheep. Okay. I know that's lame. Shut up.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Without flaw? Impossible.

I know it has been almost a month since I last updated. Well, almost. Things happened but I happened to be too lazy to care. Not really actually. That's the only thing I can think of right now to explain what's up with me. Or maybe not.

Maybe one word is enough. Frustrated. Was in my old hometown since Thursday night till yesterday. Of course at a place like that, I found several things that I wanted to take a shot of. But unfortunately, I left my Yashica safe and soundly at home. I did have my Lumix with me at that time, but just why didn't I use it? Why?
I feel dumb.

The neurons in my brain need some rewiring I guess.

Waffy strumming Arsyad's Yamaha, inside Dorm 7A if I'm not wrong.
If only the light leaks weren't that severe. Sigh.
Oh well, just like some people have bad hair days, cameras have bad film days.

This has been a really bad month for me except for one thing. I passed the Part 2 JPJ test! Had retest on Thursday morning. This time, I wasn't as reckless like how I was before during the parking test. Things went so smooth this time that I was grinning from ear to ear throughout the test. The JPJ officer even looked at me with a weird face when I signed the paper at the end of the test. Maybe he thought that I had gone nuts. Though it may seemed like I was on cloud nine, I was kinda pissed because I had to wait for 3 weeks when it should have been only 2 weeks to just have that retest which took only a few minutes to be done. =.=

Sigh. Bad month, bad month. Just please, don't get any worse this 23rd. : O

Friday, February 25, 2011

In the depths of frustration, I smiled.

Yesterday was Thursday of course, because today is Friday. Duh. Yesterday was more like a Thirst day for me. My throat felt dry and I kept on buying bottles of mineral water at the canteen. And every time I finished up a bottle, my bladder straight away became full and I had to go to toilet countless of times just to empty my tank. That really pissed me off. I thought of gargling the water over my throat but that just seems disgusting in public, so I didn't do it. Okay, this is getting misleading. Let's stop this.

Had my driving test yesterday and guess what? I failed.That failure was like the worst failure I ever had in my whole life. I messed up at the parking. I know, like, parking? What the park? To be exact, it wasn't during the parking, rather it was when I was moving the crappy cramped kancil out after it was successfully parked in. I didn't reverse the car enough and so I hit the front pole while motioning out. That was the first time I ever hit a pole there. Out of all times, that was a perfect bad timing. Seemed pathetic right? Yeah. Sigh. People, do mock me if you want to right now.
I'll be plugging my ears. : D
Okay, just kidding.

Anyway, I'm not sad about failing the Part 2. At the very least, on the positive side, I passed the road test. After failing, I learnt my lesson of the day. Overconfidence will eat you up in ways you won't even expect.

The largest hawk in Kuala Kangsar, Douglas A-4 Skyhawk.
Maybe one day other than driving a car, I'll be piloting an aircraft.

Time and tide wait for no man, but license can wait. Even though, it doesn't worth the time. =.=

Monday, February 21, 2011

I remember the day when we were wandering in blunder.

He's a friend who had shared the same adversity with me, that is we had to go somewhere nowhere for a purpose we didn't even knew, and came back home with nothing. It's a long story and it's not something that can be easily written down here. In fact, we're not going to tell anyone about it anyway. That day when it all happened, we didn't really talked much. Just exchanging eye contact was enough because at that time, we had the same thing in mind. We just wanted to leave. Why? Our reasons too were the same.

And that day, our heads were beaten with some senses for hours. At least, those were what we took home.

Haziq, a.k.a Ateng.
Shot taken in somewhere in Kuala Kangsar, in a yard of a lone abandoned old house.

Whenever I talk or chat with him, it is always random and sometimes may even drag into an unthinkable conversation.

Argh. Typo is like, ineluctable.

Wondering what were we conversing about? Let's just leave that to the power of imagination. Imagination can sometimes turn a simple story into an epic one. By the way, do you know that imagination enhances your brain? You're gonna thank me if you're able to score more in your exam afterward.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The world is small. Don't make it any smaller with your mind.

At some time in the morning before noon, was when I found my consciousness being reeled out into reality from a couple of hours of my after Subuh prayer sleep. Lately, this has been a routine that both my body and mind have instinctively adopted to suit my not so scheduled daily life. It could probably be that my mind subconsciously wanted these days to pass by quickly by cutting as much time as possible being conscious from my time frame. Who knows, right? Anyways, I don't mind much because it's not like I have that much of things to do in the morning.

Whenever I woke up in the morning, it always took me some time to get myself off the bed. The first thing I did when I open up my eyes was stare across the room towards where the window of my room was. There, suspended a blue curtain that was still fully covering the window behind it. The curtain, shielding off sunlight from the outside of the window emanated blue shimmers throughout my dark room. It was a nice feeling waking up. It was like I was a prisoner who was stuck in such an awful place given a hope of freedom by that blue light. And so, I found myself getting of the bed and slowly pacing myself towards the curtain which was covering the window, the borderline that separates captivity from freedom.

Sliding the curtain sideways, uncovering the window behind, and it was just a normal casement window, grilled. What was more was a few metres away was another house also with the same type of window directly facing mine. And it too, was grilled. That nice feeling before, turned out to be just temporary once I was out of my reverie.

In reality, the world is kinda cramped in a perspective.

Unless we share everything.

Shot from a place nostalgic not just to me, but also to those who had set foot there.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

An art of fiasco.

Was at Fraser's Hill when I shot this one. Wasn't shot using my film camera but instead, was shot using my compact. I realise that it's been long since I last used it, and that I had been neglecting it while I was paying attention to the film camera. So hey, let's give it a shot this time.

Sadly, I don't know the name of the flower.

I think I screwed this shot. Notice that the leaf appeared to be more focused than the flower. Contradicting isn't it as the point of interest is the flower, not the leaf. Should have focused the flower first before positioning the picture for capture. But, oh never mind. There's always room for improvements.

Had a driving qualifying test today. The tester kinda pressured me to an extent that I think I'm gonna fail everything. But, Alhamdulillah, I'm grateful that I passed. I can't tell much here because there are a lot for me to tell if I were to tell. I can't simply summarize because that would leave blanks and questions in your mind. All I can say is, it's something that made me laugh all day long. The rest, are for your imaginations to play its role.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Out of all the things you can't do, there are lots of others you can.

They say curiosity killed the cat, but not my cat. And since I'm not a cat, I have the right to be curious. Sometimes because of curiosity, I did stupid stuffs. And sometimes, I asked a lot of questions that in the end will drive people crazy. And sometimes when that all weren't enough, I began questioning myself a lot and ended up being crazy myself.

But no matter how noisy I can be when I'm curious, a film camera can put my curiosity to shut.
With a film camera, it's a shut up and snap.

Shot when I was in my village last year. If you look closely, it wasn't just a light leak. There's a film defect too.

Had my driving lesson today and I can say that driving is fun. But for a beginner, there are still a lot for me to learn. My driving instructor always told me that when it comes to teaching, I have to be prepared for she will be dead serious when it comes to teaching. But in the end, like always, she can't put her strict face that long. Beginners deserve to be laughed at times. At least, tension's gone.

The best thing that happened today was when the car stalled on the crossroad square. And what's more, it was on a hill. That was great, considering how I sucked on the hill before. I was on the third gear when I was about to turn left approaching the crossroad. There weren't any cars there at that time so I thought it was okay to go, my fault there. But then, she insisted me to stop and braked the car. I didn't expect the car to slow down and so didn't lower down the gear and then came the nicest feeling on earth. The car stalled, and I handbraked on the hill. It was my first lesson, and was yet to master the hill. But then, made it anyway thanks to patience shown by the cars behind.

After that, tried out other roads because I wanted to know where things can go wrong, and yes, pretty much I got what I asked for. In my face.

Curiosity is what drives problem solving. Without curiosity, you might just give up.

Yashica Mg-1, 1/500s, f/2.8, Fuji Superia ISO 200. 

Saturday, January 29, 2011

The unpredictable.

Among my rolls of films, I can say that the first roll is my favourite. Why? Because it's when I screwed up the most. It's the first roll, meaning it's my first time handling my Yashica MG-1. Back then, I didn't really know that it's actually a rangefinder camera, and that what I thought was a normal viewfinder is actually a rangefinder. And not knowing what's a rangefinder, and how it actually works, focusing was a curiosity. That's the reason some pictures weren't focused correctly. And then, ah well, comes the cliche line. Who cares anyway?

That's Uzair, the person in the center.

How the picture turns out doesn't matter that much, because what matters most is what's in the picture. Seeing that one picture brings back a lot of memories. Why? Because that's Uzair. One of my best friends. We do lots of stuffs together. Infact, almost everything.

Back then in dorm, I had trouble waking up early. Usually it took several people to wake me up again and again before I finally got myself off the bed because I have a tendency to sleep back after waking up. But when it came to Uzair waking me up, I got off the bed without fail everytime because if it's him, that's super late.

Among the things that I remember best about this guy are his happy-go-lucky attitude and his spontaneous jokes. Being friends with him, all I can say about him is you'll never know what's he's gonna do that will make you laugh.

What he did in his exercise book.

You'll never know what's in his mind at times too. He sees like no other.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

A picture is a safe for you to keep your memories locked.

In this day and age, having cool cameras doesn't really matters much to me. For me, what matters most is your passion for photography. Maybe some will argue that cameras matter just the same as having the passion too. Yeah well I can't deny that one because having a good camera plus the passion and skills, that would be terrific. But the common ground here is, without passion, you can't get yourself anywhere near to satisfaction.

A light pole. Shot in the town of Kuala Kangsar. I pity the guy riding the bicycle. He must have thought that I was taking his picture. He'll be frustrated if he sees this. Oh well, at least I'm satisfied with that pole.

I know that picture seems familiar for those who read one of the previous post. I have posted it once before in this blog along with other pictures in my 2nd roll. I have it here again because not much was told on those individual pictures I posted before. Every picture deserves another chance to be retold right? Those who watch Discovery Channel must have already seen the Canon ads featuring Ian Wright, the Globe Trekker guy. 

Among his lines,
 "In this day and age, it's all about reliving those memories."

True enough for me. Every picture has its own story. If you take a look at that picture, I may seem like a light pole enthusiast. But back then, nothing much was in my mind. I was just going to send my film for processing and scanning but the film I was on at that time still have a few empty shots. So basically, that's one of the pictures I took just to waste some last shots so I can take the film out already. 

There was actually another picture I took after that picture was taken. It was a picture of a moving car towards my direction. I took it while I was crossing the road. I would be dead if walked any slower. Maybe now you would start questioning why isn't that picture here? It didn't make it.

Things like this, we just have live with it right?

"Anything that can go wrong will go wrong."
-Murphy's law.

"It could be wrong, but It should've been right."
-says Muse in Resistance.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Light leaks for the masses.

Was browsing through blogs until I found one blog that really caught my eye. A photoblog. The guy have a pretty decent DSLR and lenses kit. Apart from having the skills and shooting stunning images, he enjoys editing his photos too! Woohoo! You hear that? Editing photos! (Claps claps claps.)

Erm, like yea? Editing photos? Well, that's cool. And nothing is wrong with that right?

Well, that's not the main point here. He posted a tutorial on adding a light leak effect onto photos. And that's cool. Seeing how light leaks are considered as an art, that really made me feel better because I happen to get photos with light leaks often, really often with my Yashica Mg-1.

Here is one I shot during Aidilfitri last year in my village somewhere in Penang.

My cousin playing around with launched firecrackers. He was running away when I was trying to take his picture. It's a good thing he found that brick. That brick stopped him.

Pretty much here, light leaks comes without notice when you're using an old film camera. It is totally accidental and unexpected.

Talking about unexpected, took my Undang test last Saturday. Just as I expected, I waited for hours again just for my turn to come. What was unexpected was that I met a friend there. It was Laily. She too was taking her test that day. Anyways, I'm grateful that I passed the test in one go.

Right now, I am confident that I can get things done quickly. But the problem is, my driving instructor has been very busy lately, and that is slowing me down. My butt really has to wait a little more to feel the driver's seat with license.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

A time wasting anger management.

The picture below was taken by me using my Yashica MG-1 again, in the streets of Kuala Kangsar. To be exact, a road beside Kuala Kangsar's Post Office. This picture is dedicated to those who may concern, especially those who are yet to take their Undang Test. Well, that one backfired me.

As what is stated on the sign. Jalan terus, belok kiri atau kanan sahaja.

If you don't have what they call, Define, Analyse, Decide and Act rules in mind, you might probably won't have any hesitation to turn left immediately after you see the sign board. Probably what will happen next is what they call an 'accident'. You'll bump the post office's wall, you won't be fine and you'll be fined. And if you can't pay the fine, worst case scenario, you'll have to work there as a mailman. That is what I call a 'tragedy'.

But hey, in another perspective, it's good. Mails will be delivered faster if you, who bumped through the post office's wall are the mailman. Instead of walking to the mailbox to get their mail, recipients can enjoy getting mails delivered to them by hand in the comfort of their sofas with you bumping through their walls into their houses delivering mails. Now you see how much can you contribute in time saving, right?

So here's the story.

I was suppose to take the Undang Test today, but failed. Not as in I failed the test, things just doesn't seem to favour me today. Went there at a Rilek branch to take the test with my driving teacher along with another guy in my age. At 2.00 pm something, reached there and went into the building. My name was supposed to be already booked that day at that time but somehow, it seems that the worker who arranged it did it carelessly and my name wasn't there. The other guy too shared the same fate.

I wouldn't care much if they say that my name wasn't in the system earlier. But it's that I have waited there for hours just to have my IC checked and confirmed. While waiting, they did let me try one PC with the same test software for learning purpose. Pretty much I did the test and passed 50/50. Surely after getting that trial result, my hopes went high. But then, it was about half an hour later that my hopes died when they told me that my name's not there and that I have to rebook.

I felt that my heart really burned in silent anger. But then, in that Rilek building, with Rilek logo on the walls inside, Rilek, Rilek. Relax. Managed to cool myself down.

To get things straight, I booked a test this Saturday. Wish me all the best okay?

Oh yea, don't give me shits like, why does it takes me so long just to drive a car?
Give me a car now, and I'll awe you by driving it in no time.
For sure. After all, no time to drive ma.

Friday, January 7, 2011

A motivation for the lazy and the couch potatoes.

Everyone loves free time. But no matter how much you love your free time, too much of free time will eventually cause you to hate it. Being humans, we aren't really that easy to be satisfied.

Back then during school days, end year holiday is what we are all after for.
And when that holiday is about to end for school to take over, in our hearts, most of us wished that it could be longer.

Now, when school is over, well I'm fine with it. But some people aren't. Too much of time doing nothing, and they ended up bored. When they're bored, they began to bore others. And if they bored the others enough, the others might as well would be doing the same to the rest. And a chain reaction is started.

Imagine our world filled with bored boring people. Horrible.
People will be living their lives in unrest. Seeking out new enjoyments, some will begin to indulge drugs. You hate to hang out with boring people right? When people realise that the number of boring people increases, and this people is a pain to their eyes, homocide cases outbreak. People will be killing each other and eventually, killing themselves too because they are too bored of life.

Knowing the result is catastrophic, now you should now what to do.
If you're bored, get up, get out and do something.

What I did when I was bored:

Even a facebook chat can be turned into a game.
Wait a minute, do I bore you Uzair?

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Falling is a part of getting to the top

A picture I took in the streets of Kuala Kangsar in 2010.
Because the street was calm, I chose this picture to be put along in this post just to calm things a little.
Life can start with a desired beginning, but doesn't always have to stay that way all the way till the end right?

It's new year, and everybody's talking about it. Seems like a lot feels excited for it, I don't give a damn about that. It's people's choice on what they want to do for new year and I have respect for that. But for me, new year, is only another year. It's just that it's new and that's all.

When it comes to new year, people began talking about resolutions. At least, that's great for a new year. I really respect those who makes new year resolutions, especially those whose past years' are kept. Making a resolution is like promising to yourself. Promises nowadays are really hard to be kept at times. In the past years, I may have made some resolutions. But the thing is, I'm pretty confident that a lot are left unkept and some even forgotten
(I know it because I don't seem to remember any and that proves it).

Feeling guilty for not keeping made resolutions?
Nope. Not even the slightest bit. Because now as time passes, I realise that don't really depend much on resolutions. Because I already have my own plans since the beginning, I have my own dream, and I have my own ego that moves me forward. Right now, what is most important is the one that I have become today is better than the one I was before. I don't really care if I screwed up at times because hey, I'll learn right? It's not like I'm screwing all my life to death.

Life is meaningless if you don't screw. So screw it! : )