Wednesday, February 9, 2011

An art of fiasco.

Was at Fraser's Hill when I shot this one. Wasn't shot using my film camera but instead, was shot using my compact. I realise that it's been long since I last used it, and that I had been neglecting it while I was paying attention to the film camera. So hey, let's give it a shot this time.

Sadly, I don't know the name of the flower.

I think I screwed this shot. Notice that the leaf appeared to be more focused than the flower. Contradicting isn't it as the point of interest is the flower, not the leaf. Should have focused the flower first before positioning the picture for capture. But, oh never mind. There's always room for improvements.

Had a driving qualifying test today. The tester kinda pressured me to an extent that I think I'm gonna fail everything. But, Alhamdulillah, I'm grateful that I passed. I can't tell much here because there are a lot for me to tell if I were to tell. I can't simply summarize because that would leave blanks and questions in your mind. All I can say is, it's something that made me laugh all day long. The rest, are for your imaginations to play its role.


  1. tht is so true..the leaves look more to be focus compared to the fresh blooming flower..but.this pix is great

  2. HAHA! Go driver! Kau pro! Kan kan!

    Eh eh, aku memang insane.

  3. seriously..ak mmg tak tau fiasco tu..teknik focus??..

  4. @miss bugg.: Kalau kau bandingkan aku ngan kau la. XD

    @nur atiqah ahmad:Eh, bukan. It means something like a failure.

  5. Unbalanced, yes.. but looking at d.o.f you still deserve a thumb's up.

  6. mcm hibiscus je.
    daun hibiscus tu kot.