Sunday, October 31, 2010

Chasing a Rainbow

Saturday. It was suppose to be a calm day but I woke up the day with a bang. A friend woke me up earlier than usual. And that was damn ugh. What dream I was having in my sleep vanished straight away from my memory. Due to sudden awakening maybe? Everyone woke up and prepared early, not wanting the same thing that happened last Saturday to happen again.

And so, the daily routine began. While I was tidying up my locker, I found a film strip under a bulk in my drawer. It was morning, and the angle of the sun rising at that time made the sunlight to fell into my dorm in streaks of light through the old wooden window. Since my locker was set facing the window, I, happened to be standing in front of my locker at that moment, held up the film towards the window and to my surprise, the film happened to be the first roll I shot using my Yashica. I had it processed and printed before but never scanned.

I was ecstatic because I thought it was lost for a long time already. After inspection was over, I took the film strip along with my camera and had it scanned at a nearby photo center.

The results:

I can't quite remember exactly when I shot these. But most were during a cheering event for a rugby match.

It rained throughout the noon and evening. By evening, the rain started to recede. I was on my way back to dorm when I spotted a rainbow in the sky. Back then, I was in front of the tennis court of the West Wing. The view of the rainbow was pretty much blocked by a row of trees in front of the court. I strode faster and made it upstairs of the Overflow building. I wanted to take a shot of the rainbow and upstairs Overflow would provide a better view. Sadly, by the time I reached there, the rainbow had gone in just a matter of seconds. Quite a frustrating moment.

From now on, I'll be more ready when it rained in the afternoon. Although I missed one, I'll try not to miss the next.

The rainbow's sudden disappearance taught me a lesson.

Once an opportunity is there, you have to grab it fast.
Really fast.

Time and tide wait for no man. And so do rainbows.

Yashica Mg-1, Shutter at 1/500s, f=2.8, Fuji Superia ISO 400.