Friday, August 12, 2011

A random update.

From the fourth floor of my hostel block.
I was testing out Jijie's D90. It feels great.

Just now, someone asked me whether I have updated my blog or not. Of course I didn't need to take time to answer that because the answer is an obvious no. Ironically, that contradicts what I had resolved in my previous blog post. For those who have not read that, and are too lazy too scroll down to that post, click here. You can see that how I just bullshitted there. I have a netbook with me, and Internet all the time yet I still can't update as regularly as I said I will. Sigh.

Anyway, my life has been, I don't know lately. I had another SAT practice test on Wednesday. I can't say much about it. So far I've gotten the marks for the reading and maths section. Reading has improved a little; my maths dropped. Overall for both sections, it has improved a little if I compare it to the previous tests, but I can't say the same thing if I were to add up the mark for the writing section. I haven't gotten my essay score, but I have the feeling it's not gonna be any good because I when I was halfway doing my essay, I realized that I was writing off topic. -.-
In short, I sucked my SAT practice test.

Enough with that already. Let's move on to something else. Now's August 12th! You know what does that means? I don't know Okay, I'm just blurting out random stuffs. My birthday was on the 9th, and it was great. Friends acted out events that led me to having no choice but to follow them eat out for breaking the fast. Supposedly, we were to go to the usual mamak restaurant, but Arsyad who was driving the car drove farther and farther until we finally reached Subang Parade. Real thanks guys (Arsyad, Fauzan, Fathi, Syazwan, Epul). I will treasure that day in my memory forever. Damn I love you guys.

When you know it's almost impossible to achieve something, 
Keep on aiming for the moon, but shoot for the stars.
Who knows you'll miss and hit the moon instead.
That is what I learn from someone who craps a lot.