Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Live Every Day As If It Were Your Last

This year's Aidilfitri has just passed. Yet, I still don't on how should I feel. Should I feel happy? Yeah, maybe so because I managed through the whole month of Ramadhan with success. Or maybe I should feel sad too? After all, the awaited month of blessings has just passed. Not to mention the loss of a friend of mine two days before Aidilfitri. It is none of my expectations for his life to end that early. His loss made me thought about myself. What will become of me? Will I make it to the years to come?

Well, life is like that. Simply being a human alive brings risks. No one knows what day will be their last day. It is something that is decided by Allah. The best thing that all of us can do is to live our lives as if today is our last day. With that, we won't forget the one and only above us.