Tuesday, January 3, 2012


One of the reason I never need to buy any pets from the pet shop, is because they keep coming, as if my parents bought the house for them.

Currently, 4 cats earned the PR status.

Behold. The new member of the house.
I was really careless while shooting this.
Apart from this cat, there are another 3 predators roaming my house.

For letting the strap hung loose, I almost dropped my camera when Reren caught it by surprise.

Reren. Full of energy as always.

I also had another nameless orange cat before, but that cat has gone away now.
I don't know how it goes in the cat society. This cat simply automatically replaces it. 
Do they have shifts or something?

Nevertheless, I'm really glad all my cats get along well.

Tell me, can you resist such a face?