Saturday, January 16, 2010

Batch birthday 2010

On the 12th of January,
celebrated the birthday of class of 10.

beside Overflow, in front of East Wing.
At night.

In front of East Wing.

All the Form 5 gathered.

In our traditional Full Malay outfit, we did our stuffs.

Cheered it out our way.

And sang our song.

Forever friends, we are united.

Last, but not least

Saturday, January 9, 2010

A new start.

Garh. 2010.
The year that I've been waiting for.
2009 is a year that I'll remembver forever. For all the new bonds that were made.

Oh yea, I've finally got myself into 5 Science 1. But my mum is still not satisfied tho.
With 7A1s and 2A2s. Haha. A2 for sejarah and chemistry. I sure sucks in sejarah. Not to mention that I've did not finished revising sejarah last year. Went thru the paper with little knowledge only. It's a sure plain luck.

For this year, I wish to not do that again.
For this year is my SPM year. No room for slacking or I'll be dead facing my parent. Haiz. I seriously worry bout SPM.

After A+ is introduced, my mum no longer cared bout A1.
This is a serious problem because from my Form 4 end-year exam result, I only got 2 A+, that is for Maths and Add Maths. What does this means?

Anyways, to those who're taking SPM this year, I wish you all, ALL THE BEST!
And to Siraj, WE missed YOU! :)
so long goodbye.

Friday, January 1, 2010

2010's first post.

Any ideas on what the two cats have in mind?
(edit) the other cat is on the tire, in case you didn't see it.

They got a new car to celebrate their new year with.
It's 1/01/10

Happy New Year

2010. My SPM year.
I'll try to RAWK in everyway I can.