Friday, January 1, 2010

2010's first post.

Any ideas on what the two cats have in mind?
(edit) the other cat is on the tire, in case you didn't see it.

They got a new car to celebrate their new year with.
It's 1/01/10

Happy New Year

2010. My SPM year.
I'll try to RAWK in everyway I can.


  1. 2 cats? i saw only one cat. =)

    happy new year. dude.

  2. the other one on the tire.
    sorry, forgot to tell that.
    happy new year to u too.

  3. Wow.. Miao Miao post to start off the new year!

    Happy Miao Year! :D

    All the best to you :)

    p/s: I wonder how does the other cat looks like.. only saw the one who is sitting there :D

  4. Happy 2010 yo! :D

    Nice maw maw phote.

    I remember a cat doing that [ sitting on the tire ] before, and mydad almost killed it. Poor mawwy.

  5. lols.

    All the best to you too fairuz.

    JC: haha. cats are the best icon for me.

    missbugg: lol. lucky the cat.