Thursday, December 24, 2009

Holiday at JayBee and Melaka

It's been a while since I last posted anything in this blog.
And so for today. there will be one.

Last week, I went to Melaka and JB for holiday.
Dad decided to take us out rather than leaving me wasting my time in front of the pc and couch potato-ing. And since my mum have a lot of potatoes in the kitchen already, she needs no extra potatoes. Except for Mr Potato crisp.
Okay yea yea I know, bla-bla-bla, cut the crap now.

First of, we went to Melaka. There, Hazwan the Melaka boy called me. Sadly I didn't have the chance to meet him because his place is not anywhere near me at that time.

Was at A Famosa resort.

It's just a picture that I snapped. Didn't stayed there actually.

We thought of leaving Melaka and straight away go to JB because of the heavy rain made us worried.

There at JB, our first stop was at Bazaar JB. And there, I bumped into a friend.

Who was it? Guess, guess.

It was Iskandar. The JayBee Boy.

I'm proud to be taller than him. HahaXD.

He suggested a few places to visit like Danga Bay and Plaza Angsana.

But the next day, we head off to Desaru.

Desa-ru. Siblings of Kanga-ru.
Okay okay. I'll stop crapping.

The photographer for this picture was the honourable Mr Tripod.
Give him some clap.
*slaps self.

Desaru Beach.

The sandy beach of Desaru. Looks like a dune to me.

The trio.
From left, my sister, my sister, and mom.

It was a hot day, and at the same time it is windy.
The hotness of the sun plus the coolness of the wind.
It's like a paradox to my senses.
Eventhough I don't really get any sense.

Me, sister.

We didn't spend a lof time in Desaru. Because at that time, there was nothing much of my interest. Headed to Danga Bay.

The tree looked nice in that position and that left me no other choice other than snapping a picture of it.

Danga Bay. If you want it to be simpler,
just call it a bay.

(My family - me) + train.
Was the photographer. Sad sad. I felt left out.
*kicks self.

Somewhere at Danga Bay.

Again, somewhere. But this time at a different where.

I found this picture looks nice.

Danga Bay, glowing in the evening. A headturner for me.

This was taken by dad somewhere near Bazaar JB.

The next morning, went to visit the Old Fort at Kota Johor Lama.
While was on the way there, stopped by to fill our empty-hungry-stomach.
At that stop, something caught my eye.

A cat!
This cat was too cute for me to miss a shot.

Caught my sister playing with a kitten.

There were lots of cats there. And this cat was quite playful.

And so on, continued our move and arrived at Kota Johor Lama.
Finally. My dad wanted to see this place so much.

Do read if you have time.

The old fort. Once, there used to be cannons there.

A replica of the late old building.

Took a picture outside because we were allowed to take no pictures inside.

It wasn't just that at Johor. Went to many places and snapped a lot of pictures too. But I can't just posted it all here.

As a sum up, spent two days in Johor.
The third day, off back Melaka!

Arrived there in the night. And I can see the Eye On Malaysia. On Melaka!

Found a motel, and I also found....

Another cat.

The replica ship looked glorious in the night.

In the morning of the next day, went jalan-jalan around Bandar Hilir Melaka.

The Menara Taming Sari of Melaka.

Was too early there and the tower won't be operated until 10 a.m.
Going up the tower have to wait so we jalan-jalan around first.

Found a cannon nearby, me and my sisters messed around with it.

First shot.

Second shot.

Third shot.

After having enough of playing around, went on to Bukit St. Paul.

The steps were lots.

Here are some snaps of the place.

Me on Bukit St. Paul.

My sister playing around again.

And dad.

Was at Stadthuys. Don't get urself fooled.
I'm the youngest among the three.


Somewhere nearby Stadthuys.

This mortar kinda picked my interest.

Sungai Melaka.

A stationed cannon. You can observe the dutch layers.

The watermill.

And again, the same watermill.

My sister and me in distant.

After jalan-jalan-ed for quite sometime, realised that it was afternoon already. So went back to Menara Taming Sari for a ride up.

Oh yes. The tower's functioning.

Inside the tower.

Some views from above:

Eye on Malaysia in distant.

The replica ship.

It's Dataran Pahlawan I think.
Do correct me if I'm wrong.

The Eye on Malaysia on Melaka.

Just seeing the Eye on Malaysia is not enough without getting on it. So we've been there too.

I was just entering and I already saw this.

Mata atas Malaysia.

My sister showing off the ticket.

Seriously, there wasn't much interesting view inside the gondola.

Or maybe it is just the sheer joy of riding it?

The only thing that I can consider as, okay larh.

By the way, I didn't shop much during the holiday out because I've already broke in JB buying this camera.

But anyways, It is worth it since I am able to shot all the pictures.

As a closing to this post, here is some snaps that I took in R&R Machap.


For some reasons, there were lots of them.

Flying free, Flying high, They reach the sky.