Friday, November 11, 2011

Semester break starts.

I've gone overboard this time for leaving this blog here all alone for so long. Life's harsh on you eh blog? It's been the same for me too. So chill out, kay? : P

Semester break is finally here, and it's now been about a week I guess since I left my hostel for the break. It just boggles my mind to know how darn lazy I have been this entire week. I started to realize that I was wasting precious time in my life when I was tidying up my room just now. Yes, I've step foot inside my room for days now, and only today I somehow had the urge to clean up the mess in my room. My bags, books, and other stuffs that I brought in back from hostel were on the floor of my room all the time. Can you imagine that throughout this week, I've been living in such a hostile environment? Man, I must be some sort of a super human being. Me gusta.

Fathi's clock ended up inside my room. By the way, Fathi is my housemate back in hostel. Here, in my room, you can tell by looking at the books there that I'm not done tidying up my room. Oh, and there's the old antique computer. -.- How do I get rid of it?

Sigh. It's still a long way to go.