Saturday, January 9, 2010

A new start.

Garh. 2010.
The year that I've been waiting for.
2009 is a year that I'll remembver forever. For all the new bonds that were made.

Oh yea, I've finally got myself into 5 Science 1. But my mum is still not satisfied tho.
With 7A1s and 2A2s. Haha. A2 for sejarah and chemistry. I sure sucks in sejarah. Not to mention that I've did not finished revising sejarah last year. Went thru the paper with little knowledge only. It's a sure plain luck.

For this year, I wish to not do that again.
For this year is my SPM year. No room for slacking or I'll be dead facing my parent. Haiz. I seriously worry bout SPM.

After A+ is introduced, my mum no longer cared bout A1.
This is a serious problem because from my Form 4 end-year exam result, I only got 2 A+, that is for Maths and Add Maths. What does this means?

Anyways, to those who're taking SPM this year, I wish you all, ALL THE BEST!
And to Siraj, WE missed YOU! :)
so long goodbye.


  1. weyh..asal ko ske capap add maths ko hah? tau lah hebat +math. ;p hahahahaha