Thursday, February 3, 2011

Out of all the things you can't do, there are lots of others you can.

They say curiosity killed the cat, but not my cat. And since I'm not a cat, I have the right to be curious. Sometimes because of curiosity, I did stupid stuffs. And sometimes, I asked a lot of questions that in the end will drive people crazy. And sometimes when that all weren't enough, I began questioning myself a lot and ended up being crazy myself.

But no matter how noisy I can be when I'm curious, a film camera can put my curiosity to shut.
With a film camera, it's a shut up and snap.

Shot when I was in my village last year. If you look closely, it wasn't just a light leak. There's a film defect too.

Had my driving lesson today and I can say that driving is fun. But for a beginner, there are still a lot for me to learn. My driving instructor always told me that when it comes to teaching, I have to be prepared for she will be dead serious when it comes to teaching. But in the end, like always, she can't put her strict face that long. Beginners deserve to be laughed at times. At least, tension's gone.

The best thing that happened today was when the car stalled on the crossroad square. And what's more, it was on a hill. That was great, considering how I sucked on the hill before. I was on the third gear when I was about to turn left approaching the crossroad. There weren't any cars there at that time so I thought it was okay to go, my fault there. But then, she insisted me to stop and braked the car. I didn't expect the car to slow down and so didn't lower down the gear and then came the nicest feeling on earth. The car stalled, and I handbraked on the hill. It was my first lesson, and was yet to master the hill. But then, made it anyway thanks to patience shown by the cars behind.

After that, tried out other roads because I wanted to know where things can go wrong, and yes, pretty much I got what I asked for. In my face.

Curiosity is what drives problem solving. Without curiosity, you might just give up.

Yashica Mg-1, 1/500s, f/2.8, Fuji Superia ISO 200. 


  1. ko ni telitilah dengan gmbr2 yg ko amik. hahahhha.

    bler ko cite psl driving lesson ko, aku rase tak sabar plak nak amik. haha. :D

  2. Eh lawo film defect dia.
    Reminds me of a piece wood that's been destroyed by termites.
    Nice effect though : D

  3. lawa tak cikgu tu? hehe

  4. Fairuz: Thanks. Teliti? Nah, don't think so. Aku main tangkap je.

    miss bugg: Jauh sangat kau fikir tu. HAHA.

    Topek: Dah tua la.

  5. Asma' : Okay la. Asalkan bukan sempit.

  6. naik bukit? hahah aku terbang je atas bukit tu

  7. asma': salah? Or kau prefer asmak.
    Laily: Nampaknya kau la masuk court dulu.