Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The world is small. Don't make it any smaller with your mind.

At some time in the morning before noon, was when I found my consciousness being reeled out into reality from a couple of hours of my after Subuh prayer sleep. Lately, this has been a routine that both my body and mind have instinctively adopted to suit my not so scheduled daily life. It could probably be that my mind subconsciously wanted these days to pass by quickly by cutting as much time as possible being conscious from my time frame. Who knows, right? Anyways, I don't mind much because it's not like I have that much of things to do in the morning.

Whenever I woke up in the morning, it always took me some time to get myself off the bed. The first thing I did when I open up my eyes was stare across the room towards where the window of my room was. There, suspended a blue curtain that was still fully covering the window behind it. The curtain, shielding off sunlight from the outside of the window emanated blue shimmers throughout my dark room. It was a nice feeling waking up. It was like I was a prisoner who was stuck in such an awful place given a hope of freedom by that blue light. And so, I found myself getting of the bed and slowly pacing myself towards the curtain which was covering the window, the borderline that separates captivity from freedom.

Sliding the curtain sideways, uncovering the window behind, and it was just a normal casement window, grilled. What was more was a few metres away was another house also with the same type of window directly facing mine. And it too, was grilled. That nice feeling before, turned out to be just temporary once I was out of my reverie.

In reality, the world is kinda cramped in a perspective.

Unless we share everything.

Shot from a place nostalgic not just to me, but also to those who had set foot there.


  1. Sumpah aku bergenang air mata baca post ni. Unless we share everything :)

  2. gerenti karangan bi ko bhagian esei tuh A kan..(tinggi tol bhase)..naseb ak agak phm(mencube sbenanye)

  3. @Joe: Aww. : D

    @nur atiqah ahmad: Eh. Tak de la sampai macam tu. Kalau lah essay time SPM boleh crap suka hati. HAHA XD.

    @Ujer: Walaupun tak de kat sini, aku tau it's in your heart. : D

  4. setuju ngan jo... waaaa naim T T

  5. 7 knights court ;)
    nice shot bro

  6. @Amir: HAHA. 7 knights court. Legend tu. XD

  7. Your english do is very good. I'm so jealous but I guess practice makes perfect right? I should read and practice more. Keep up the good work!^^ This is a nice reading material :))