Monday, February 21, 2011

I remember the day when we were wandering in blunder.

He's a friend who had shared the same adversity with me, that is we had to go somewhere nowhere for a purpose we didn't even knew, and came back home with nothing. It's a long story and it's not something that can be easily written down here. In fact, we're not going to tell anyone about it anyway. That day when it all happened, we didn't really talked much. Just exchanging eye contact was enough because at that time, we had the same thing in mind. We just wanted to leave. Why? Our reasons too were the same.

And that day, our heads were beaten with some senses for hours. At least, those were what we took home.

Haziq, a.k.a Ateng.
Shot taken in somewhere in Kuala Kangsar, in a yard of a lone abandoned old house.

Whenever I talk or chat with him, it is always random and sometimes may even drag into an unthinkable conversation.

Argh. Typo is like, ineluctable.

Wondering what were we conversing about? Let's just leave that to the power of imagination. Imagination can sometimes turn a simple story into an epic one. By the way, do you know that imagination enhances your brain? You're gonna thank me if you're able to score more in your exam afterward.


  1. kau ni mmg mat jiwang ke?...haha,,tak tau lah pulak

  2. @husna mukhtar: Tak pasang lah. HAHA XD

    @Mus'ab Manan: Ape ni? Jiwang apa ha? Kau je tak nampak sebab kau selalu ganas sangat dengan aku. : P

  3. haha,ateng sentiasa fotogenik.
    x pernah tak.
    four thumbs up!

  4. stylish man. i like that style of writing. very open (Y)

  5. fotogenik ke ak?
    haish.ak igt ko men2 je naim.HAHA

  6. Aku suka gambar atas tuh for some reason : O

  7. @Amir: HAHA. Thanks. : P

    @Anonymous: Ye Ateng, ye. : P

    @miss bugg.: And what reason is that? Could that be, 'something'?

  8. Kau bijak, Naim. Something menyebabkan aku suka gambar kat atas tuh.