Saturday, January 29, 2011

The unpredictable.

Among my rolls of films, I can say that the first roll is my favourite. Why? Because it's when I screwed up the most. It's the first roll, meaning it's my first time handling my Yashica MG-1. Back then, I didn't really know that it's actually a rangefinder camera, and that what I thought was a normal viewfinder is actually a rangefinder. And not knowing what's a rangefinder, and how it actually works, focusing was a curiosity. That's the reason some pictures weren't focused correctly. And then, ah well, comes the cliche line. Who cares anyway?

That's Uzair, the person in the center.

How the picture turns out doesn't matter that much, because what matters most is what's in the picture. Seeing that one picture brings back a lot of memories. Why? Because that's Uzair. One of my best friends. We do lots of stuffs together. Infact, almost everything.

Back then in dorm, I had trouble waking up early. Usually it took several people to wake me up again and again before I finally got myself off the bed because I have a tendency to sleep back after waking up. But when it came to Uzair waking me up, I got off the bed without fail everytime because if it's him, that's super late.

Among the things that I remember best about this guy are his happy-go-lucky attitude and his spontaneous jokes. Being friends with him, all I can say about him is you'll never know what's he's gonna do that will make you laugh.

What he did in his exercise book.

You'll never know what's in his mind at times too. He sees like no other.


  1. ngahaha aku tak pernah conteng.
    takut woh.
    teacher bio aku jumpa lirik lagu pun dia tuduh surat cinta

  2. haha. uzair tngh weng kot time tu. LOL :D

  3. tu blm share wht he'd been doing with his bio paper xslap. stu ktas soalan kne alter jd soalan2 bdoh. haha!

  4. Husna: HAHA. Kesian kau. Kau patut tunjuk mesej kau ngan azrin kat dia. Biar dia tau beza lirik ngan surat cinta.

    Sara: HAHA. Kawan aku.

    jade: Aku tak tau la tu. Yang penting dia weng ke tak, dia stil Uzair. : D

    Arif: HAHA. Tembak gila yang tu. XD

  5. HAHAHA. Sumpah bangang gilaaa. Ni mesti buat time ustaz hasnan.

  6. HAHA. Ustaz Hasnan pulak kene. Time Ustaz Hasnan mane boleh buat. Semua kepala atas meja.

  7. haha,ko amik gmbr dlm buku aku tu?

    Naim,remember this?
    trial sejarah.

    D.SUNGAI EUPHRATES(of the dark)

  8. Eh. Ingat. Sakai gila tu. HAHA. Macam mane la kau boleh fikir macam tu.

  9. I bet. all u said bout ujer, right -.-"