Thursday, January 13, 2011

A time wasting anger management.

The picture below was taken by me using my Yashica MG-1 again, in the streets of Kuala Kangsar. To be exact, a road beside Kuala Kangsar's Post Office. This picture is dedicated to those who may concern, especially those who are yet to take their Undang Test. Well, that one backfired me.

As what is stated on the sign. Jalan terus, belok kiri atau kanan sahaja.

If you don't have what they call, Define, Analyse, Decide and Act rules in mind, you might probably won't have any hesitation to turn left immediately after you see the sign board. Probably what will happen next is what they call an 'accident'. You'll bump the post office's wall, you won't be fine and you'll be fined. And if you can't pay the fine, worst case scenario, you'll have to work there as a mailman. That is what I call a 'tragedy'.

But hey, in another perspective, it's good. Mails will be delivered faster if you, who bumped through the post office's wall are the mailman. Instead of walking to the mailbox to get their mail, recipients can enjoy getting mails delivered to them by hand in the comfort of their sofas with you bumping through their walls into their houses delivering mails. Now you see how much can you contribute in time saving, right?

So here's the story.

I was suppose to take the Undang Test today, but failed. Not as in I failed the test, things just doesn't seem to favour me today. Went there at a Rilek branch to take the test with my driving teacher along with another guy in my age. At 2.00 pm something, reached there and went into the building. My name was supposed to be already booked that day at that time but somehow, it seems that the worker who arranged it did it carelessly and my name wasn't there. The other guy too shared the same fate.

I wouldn't care much if they say that my name wasn't in the system earlier. But it's that I have waited there for hours just to have my IC checked and confirmed. While waiting, they did let me try one PC with the same test software for learning purpose. Pretty much I did the test and passed 50/50. Surely after getting that trial result, my hopes went high. But then, it was about half an hour later that my hopes died when they told me that my name's not there and that I have to rebook.

I felt that my heart really burned in silent anger. But then, in that Rilek building, with Rilek logo on the walls inside, Rilek, Rilek. Relax. Managed to cool myself down.

To get things straight, I booked a test this Saturday. Wish me all the best okay?

Oh yea, don't give me shits like, why does it takes me so long just to drive a car?
Give me a car now, and I'll awe you by driving it in no time.
For sure. After all, no time to drive ma.


  1. kesian ko.
    saba eh.
    haha xD
    btw, good luck. :)

  2. drebar kau? Tak dapat la. Kau kan bakal mailman jugak. :D

  3. Kau nih serabai. Like your hair also.

  4. u pass 50/50 ? :O ok. =.=
    haha. kesian sangat !

  5. i can smell swears and curses coming from ur mouth naim.. ;P

  6. adakah RILEK ni berada di Puchong?
    jika benar di Puchong,
    mmg masalah pergi situ.

    first time gi,
    aku menyampah kot.kna mcm ko gak
    aku hentam pintu dia.

  7. Eh. Tak. Jauh sangat dari tempat aku. Ni sistem standard diorang kot. Buat orang naik angin. XD