Sunday, January 23, 2011

A picture is a safe for you to keep your memories locked.

In this day and age, having cool cameras doesn't really matters much to me. For me, what matters most is your passion for photography. Maybe some will argue that cameras matter just the same as having the passion too. Yeah well I can't deny that one because having a good camera plus the passion and skills, that would be terrific. But the common ground here is, without passion, you can't get yourself anywhere near to satisfaction.

A light pole. Shot in the town of Kuala Kangsar. I pity the guy riding the bicycle. He must have thought that I was taking his picture. He'll be frustrated if he sees this. Oh well, at least I'm satisfied with that pole.

I know that picture seems familiar for those who read one of the previous post. I have posted it once before in this blog along with other pictures in my 2nd roll. I have it here again because not much was told on those individual pictures I posted before. Every picture deserves another chance to be retold right? Those who watch Discovery Channel must have already seen the Canon ads featuring Ian Wright, the Globe Trekker guy. 

Among his lines,
 "In this day and age, it's all about reliving those memories."

True enough for me. Every picture has its own story. If you take a look at that picture, I may seem like a light pole enthusiast. But back then, nothing much was in my mind. I was just going to send my film for processing and scanning but the film I was on at that time still have a few empty shots. So basically, that's one of the pictures I took just to waste some last shots so I can take the film out already. 

There was actually another picture I took after that picture was taken. It was a picture of a moving car towards my direction. I took it while I was crossing the road. I would be dead if walked any slower. Maybe now you would start questioning why isn't that picture here? It didn't make it.

Things like this, we just have live with it right?

"Anything that can go wrong will go wrong."
-Murphy's law.

"It could be wrong, but It should've been right."
-says Muse in Resistance.


  1. But still.
    Got vanilla ice cream? Me polar bear starved.

  2. maju terus mara bersama yasicha!

  3. missbugg: Polar bear with asthma eat no ice. :P!

    jade: woohoo! Btw, mane lomo kau?

  4. Sumpah tensi gila gambar tu tak dpt .

  5. agree totaly of what you say~nice
    good photoskills!
    be my guru please..

  6. the only weapon to stop the time is camera right? haha.. please stop the time bebeh..^^and then, memories is locked by the picture..

  7. lomo aku? otw la. by this cny, aku dpt la

  8. joe: Kau tau la feeling tu kan. :D
    syuhada: That's more to luck I say. HAHA.
    miss bugg: :P
    Juon: ye ye, deskmate. :P
    Jade: Cepat la sikit!
    Ujer: Deskmate aku kan. Biasala. XD

  9. 'Every picture has its own story'

    true true n true
    nak gelak aku tgk pakcik tu.bwahaha