Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Light leaks for the masses.

Was browsing through blogs until I found one blog that really caught my eye. A photoblog. The guy have a pretty decent DSLR and lenses kit. Apart from having the skills and shooting stunning images, he enjoys editing his photos too! Woohoo! You hear that? Editing photos! (Claps claps claps.)

Erm, like yea? Editing photos? Well, that's cool. And nothing is wrong with that right?

Well, that's not the main point here. He posted a tutorial on adding a light leak effect onto photos. And that's cool. Seeing how light leaks are considered as an art, that really made me feel better because I happen to get photos with light leaks often, really often with my Yashica Mg-1.

Here is one I shot during Aidilfitri last year in my village somewhere in Penang.

My cousin playing around with launched firecrackers. He was running away when I was trying to take his picture. It's a good thing he found that brick. That brick stopped him.

Pretty much here, light leaks comes without notice when you're using an old film camera. It is totally accidental and unexpected.

Talking about unexpected, took my Undang test last Saturday. Just as I expected, I waited for hours again just for my turn to come. What was unexpected was that I met a friend there. It was Laily. She too was taking her test that day. Anyways, I'm grateful that I passed the test in one go.

Right now, I am confident that I can get things done quickly. But the problem is, my driving instructor has been very busy lately, and that is slowing me down. My butt really has to wait a little more to feel the driver's seat with license.


  1. hehe sabar sabar.
    meh blajar dekat kuantan. :D

  2. Wow your derrière must be patient then, right?

  3. haha. ko jumpa laily. mesti minah tu kecoh mcm biase kan? haha. :)

  4. haa'ahh minah tu baik dan gila macam biasa :)))))

  5. woot! update gak blog ni. lme dh aku tunggu.

    btw, mcm biase la. gmbr tu mmg terbaek :)

  6. dtng kuantan la..meh cni meh

  7. Sara: HAHA. Kuantan jauh tu.

    miss bugg: My butt can wait.

    Fairuz: Eh. Fui yoh. Tepat tu. XD

    Laily: : P perasan.

    Jade: thanks tau! HAHA.

    najmi: Kau bayar, aku go je.

  8. hehehe. eh vote boleh ?


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    anda kene like fanpage tersebut,baru boleh like gambar kami. jasa baik anda amat kami hargai.
    terima kasih.

    hoho power tak ayat ? LOL