Monday, July 11, 2011

Changing track. Changing pace.

With Ridhwan in green around KL plus the signboard.
Yeah. Another signboard. I'm obsessed. -.-

Haven't had anything interesting to be updated lately so I guess updating about my boring life will do this time. Wait a minute. Isn't that what I've been doing all these times around. -.- Never mind.

Finally after months rotting at home, looks like I've finally settled down my unhealthy life of eating and sleeping at home. Registered at college last 3rd of July. I can't say anything yet for now because classes are yet to start. On Friday 8th, did the class placement test and gave it my best. It was an english test. I am not expecting much from it though. 63/70. There should be many others on par and many others who are better since most of them are scholars. -.-
I can slack off no more here. 

Wish me all the best here. 
Even if it's just a simple wish, it means a lot to me as a motivation.


  1. 63/70 is a well done grade for me but if you wanna strive better then why not right? and I know you can do it. Since I don't believe in luck, Try your very best to score okay! :)

  2. 63/70.
    that is way too much from mine.

  3. You've got a way with words, young man.