Thursday, March 31, 2011

"I'm real, and this is real.", says Reality.

It's now a week since the result day and more than a week since I last updated. Actually, the night before the SPM results were out I had written a post wishing all the best and good luck to those who'll be taking results the next day but uh, you see, there's always technical problems waiting just around the corner, seeking the perfect time for an ambush and ruin the day. Well, mine was ruined okay and it wasn't published. Anyway, it doesn't matter. Probably most people had received tons of wishes already in their phones that time.

How's SPM result?
Alhamdulillah, everything is fine. Even received a sarcasm from my sister. When she knew about my result, she said, "Oh, muallaf ye?". That is a perfect way to congratulate your brother.
Sigh. Malukan?
They say you reap what you sow right? Oh well, I guess that's the punishment for sleeping 80% of time during Pendidikan Islam classes. You've been paid back in cash man Naim. Way to go!
A- for Pendidikan Islam. I guess I deserve that.

So, now what? Real life starts now you say? I don't know man. My real life has begun ever since I was born. None of the parts from my timeline are fake. Are you telling me that all these while you were a fake?  HAHA! Okay stop, sorry that I got carried away. Please, don't get offended. Is that even offensive? Nah. : P

Now now, since SPM results were out, quite a lot asked me which Uni I'll be going for. Man, that's a hard question to answer. It would be much easier if you give me the money. Money talks.

"What ship doesn't sink? Scholarship", says Arsyad.

If it sinks, it's scholarsheep. Okay. I know that's lame. Shut up.


  1. akhirnya ko update gak naim. rajinkanlah diri mengupdate dow. serius aku suka baca

  2. Ramai nak mampus A- ! Aku pun. HAHA.

  3. congrates~ my brother's result turned out well too. alhamdulillah. by the way, an A- is just a black spot on a white piece of paper. think of it that way. i got that kind of ambush too back then. and its on freaking EST(which now, thank God, has been removed from the syllabus). took my time to overcome the frustration though but hey, life goes on. all the best in choosing the best path for you, inshaALLAH. gambatteh~

    p/s: which sister? lolz

  4. Aku dapat A- jugak. " Muallaf ye? ".

  5. Topex: HAHA. InshaAllah. Terharu kau antara faithful readers aku.

    Joe: Ramai berdosa dengan ustaz hasnan. HAHA.

    [nurfarahsyakirah]: Thanks, :D Ala. Who else? Kak Nabilah. XD

    almutarjimah: Apa2 pun, thanks :D

    nrzmfz: As if you're congratulating me for my A-. HAHA. Anyway thanks. :D

    miss bugg.: Reflect yourself. :P

  6. Can't. The mirror just broke when I did : p

    Eh eh. I just noticed. Same joke kau tembak kat aku.

  7. hahhahha...a- for pai.. okey ler.tue....dri b hehe..hehhe
    btw, congrates!!!!hehe