Sunday, March 20, 2011

Without flaw? Impossible.

I know it has been almost a month since I last updated. Well, almost. Things happened but I happened to be too lazy to care. Not really actually. That's the only thing I can think of right now to explain what's up with me. Or maybe not.

Maybe one word is enough. Frustrated. Was in my old hometown since Thursday night till yesterday. Of course at a place like that, I found several things that I wanted to take a shot of. But unfortunately, I left my Yashica safe and soundly at home. I did have my Lumix with me at that time, but just why didn't I use it? Why?
I feel dumb.

The neurons in my brain need some rewiring I guess.

Waffy strumming Arsyad's Yamaha, inside Dorm 7A if I'm not wrong.
If only the light leaks weren't that severe. Sigh.
Oh well, just like some people have bad hair days, cameras have bad film days.

This has been a really bad month for me except for one thing. I passed the Part 2 JPJ test! Had retest on Thursday morning. This time, I wasn't as reckless like how I was before during the parking test. Things went so smooth this time that I was grinning from ear to ear throughout the test. The JPJ officer even looked at me with a weird face when I signed the paper at the end of the test. Maybe he thought that I had gone nuts. Though it may seemed like I was on cloud nine, I was kinda pissed because I had to wait for 3 weeks when it should have been only 2 weeks to just have that retest which took only a few minutes to be done. =.=

Sigh. Bad month, bad month. Just please, don't get any worse this 23rd. : O