Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Don't kid around, I'm not kidding, he's a kid.

Yea yea. I know, for stating the obvious.
Anyway, I forgot the kid's name.

Shot at a kenduri doa selamat my friend, Hadzim and his family held at their house long ago (not that long actually. A month before I think. Ah. Forget it.). Next to his house was a kindergarten. They borrowed the kindergarten's place for that day and you know, that really helped a lot since most of the kids crowded the playground there instead of the insides of their house. Hadzim even said,
"Nasib baik ada tadika ni. Kalau tak habislah rumah aku. Hancur."

So, what's up with this post? Nothing much. I've been caught up with thinking about posting shots I've taken using my film camera too much that I sometimes forget that I have a Nikon. Sorry to my Nikon that I left you weeping in that bag on that deserted table in my room. So here you go. A photo taken using my grumpy Nikon.


  1. omg so cute! and this is the first time I hear wedding near a kindergarten hehe. use ur Nikon more! :)

  2. Aiman Ariffin: Yeah, I know right. Oh wait. Do I spot a pedo here? HAHA. Kaykay. Just kidding. Btw, it's just a kenduri doa selamat. Not a wedding. My friend is still young for that. XD Anyways, yeah and thanks. :D

  3. nice shot bro..such an awesome photography skills.Teach me!

  4. Oh lucky you for having a Nikon at least. I would love to invest in one in the near future. :)

    I want to do some photography during my free time.


  5. najmi^^: Thanks. It's the cuteness of that kid that makes it awesome. Not much of my skill. HAHA.

    Desiree: That's a good thing. :) Oh yea, will be looking forward to your film shots.