Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Alhamdulillah. : )

Hey there. Yeah it's me again, back here after quite a long time silencing here since my previous post. The reason for that is erm, well, for some reasons for short. I ain't gonna bore you with all that.

The picture of the day:

Finally, I got my film rolls processed. 
After months, I realised that the films just won't walk it's way for processing.

Waiting for the MARA interview result sure took some time. But it's worth the wait. I was on facebook on Monday night when Waffy sent me a link directing me to a page to check the result. Alhamdulillah. I got it.
MARA will be sending me to do the American Degree Foundation Programme at INTEC. : )
Will be registering on July the 3rd. Guess what does that means? Plenty of time to rot comfortably at home.
I think I should begin studying and revising something. My brain has deteriorated over these fluffy times. =.=

Yashica MG-1.
Fuji Superia 200 ISO.


  1. congrats bro. i am proud of u. weee

  2. Akhirnya. Bye Naim! *waves happily* : D

  3. haha.. gratz.. xlpas jumpe kat UM..haha

  4. Ohh God. Kau dapat program ni. :O

    And you used the word 'fluffy'! XD

  5. congrats! my bro also got American degree program but not at INTEC. At INTI for 2 years. My bro's under JPA. It's for engineering. What course are they offering u?

  6. Joe: Otak karat.

    miss bugg.: =.=

    najmi^^: HAHA. Jumpa di FB.

    Nurul: =.=

    [nurfarahsyakirah]: Thanks! Congrats to him. HAHA. Was offered the same course as your bro. Engineering.