Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A mess to start the new year with.

It is now like less than two days left before the advanced credit test, and I think most of the things that I have studied for Chemistry 2 during the winter break has found their way out of my brain. It's a shame that even though I spent most of my time in my room because it was too cold outside, I still feel like I have studied nothing at all. Perhaps, my consciousness wasn't studying at all when I read the textbook. Whichever that is, it is stupefyingly ridiculous, and I am well aware that all is entirely my fault. I was too ambitious, yet I did not try hard enough.

A friend came all the way from another state and stayed in my room during this winter break.
Life was partly awesome, plus partly at its worst.

Like any other new year, it looks like I'll have to gather myself back to one piece starting a new semester.
Heads up, heads up. Sigh.


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