Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Selamat Hari Raya!

I know its quite late to wish already.

But it's better late than never right?

Went to 'balik kampung' in Penang.

I didn't get much duit raya compared to previous years,

As to the increase in my height,

Change in appearance,

And that now I'm taller than my cousins who've already worked their jobs,

I often got mistaken for some 20+ year old guy.

Good thing that I don't care bout that much.

Ever since I was small,

I never had the experience of cheerfully walking to people's house,

And with sheer joy, knocking doors for duit raya.

Seriously, never.

But it's my fault because it was me who was so darn damn lazy to do that.

As for my laziness, it has its price and it doesn't pays.

So to kids, the lesson is:

Do not hesitate to pau people for duit raya when you're still young. Pau as much as you can.

You'll never regret it.


  1. slmt hari raya (=

    is that...

    a juvenile confession?

  2. Hahaha, you have a very funny blog - I mean your postss...

    a reader^^

  3. ujer: hahaXD. Yea.

    Buncha: you too. Selamat Hari Raya.

    Lily Haryani: LOLs. Thx neways.