Saturday, September 12, 2009

Frog Massacre.

During my Biology class,
I've learnt a new thing.

I've learnt the ways

to KILL.

Me, taufik and our frog.

Our frog.

Dead froggy.
Eventhough it has been ripped of like that,
amazingly, it's heart is still beating.

Haziq, Halim, Ariff.

My biology teacher.


Azrin in shock.

In the end, he missed the excitement of slicing
the frog.

Exposed frog.

Again, FROG.

Scissors of death.

Haziq is reaaaally proud of his frog.

Me and Hafeez.
In the end, everyone wants to show off their dead frog.

Izzuddin, Nazarudin

Shahfiq, Helmi, Halim, Hafeez, and Arif.

we are indeed,
future doctors.

or even killers.


  1. OhhMyGod that is so gross! YET SO COOL! Haha :D

  2. i cannot believe u killed it!

  3. i did this!
    what a smelly frog -_-!

    wei taufik,
    spekmu ke mane mghilang?

  4. Haiz......I wish I'm the one who killed the frog..

  5. Omg , this is bad man ~
    Very bad ~ ~ ~

    You still look so handsome xD
    And your friends too , woots ~ !
    Keep it up , yo ~

  6. HORRIBLE!!! THAT'S SO CRUEL!! u wanna kill it just freaking kill it! rip it open while it's alive!!!??? u guys are SICK!!!