Saturday, July 27, 2013


It has been an exhausting day. I have spent more than 8 hours moving stuffs from my old apartment to the new apartment I just rented. Friends from other houses too are also moving to another house, so we rented one truck from U-Haul for the day for DIY moving. As bad as it seems for me as I had to carry and move my heavy stuffs along with other friends' while I fasting during the day, it got worse later in the night when the truck had to be returned. While returning the truck, I borrowed my friend's phone as my own phone died earlier in the evening to make a call. The thing is, the truck can be returned at anytime 24/7 just by dropping the key at the return place, which was only a small hole bored at the door for you to drop the key. Since we were returning the truck past 12, specifically 2 in the morning, we dropped the key when there was no one attending the area (only CCTV monitoring the place). Right after my friend dropped the key inside, I thought that the key-drop system was cool and wanted to take a photo of it. And yes, as mentioned earlier, my phone was already dead and so I asked the same friend again, Faizey for his phone. Faizey's face immediately froze in shock, and asked me back wasn't his phone with me. Then it occurred to me that I left his phone in the truck.

At that moment, I realized that my friendship with Faizey had deepened to a whole new level as we patted on each others back, laughing our souls out in frustration of the incident.

Anyway, we already planned on going back to the place early in the morning tomorrow to get back his phone.

As of now, I am currently in my new apartment, which is a lot smaller than the previous one I rented.
Here is how my room looks like:
 It is pretty tight place for my stuffs as I am also sharing the room the same roommate, Pidot (Firdaus).

Believe it or not, this one box is how I organize my stuffs for moving. It basically contains all the stuffs I ever care about. What's in is important, what's out is less important. It is of course not the best way, but it works for me.

After some time rummaging, moving and arranging stuffs in this tight space of my room, I finally got my workspace back up.

I still can't be satisfied with how it looks though, cause there are still a lot more cleaning to be done in the other part of the house. So I guess this is it for now, I'm off to continue unpacking my stuffs.