Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Back from hiatus again.

I was testing the camera to shoot for something else actually, but then I ended up taking a photo of myself. Think of it as doing myself a favor (I rarely had photos of myself taken).

This was what I have been doing last two weeks. Edited a lot of photos. It should have been an enjoyable thing to do, but last two weeks, I have been saying a lot of yes to people, that I ended up helping the Malaysian student's association here at my university by being their photographer for the Graduation Night. That was okay, but the fact that Ialso had to produce them a video for that event, and also actually perform on stage with the band on that same event, really tested me. Anyway, I got out alive. All is well.

What now? Time to get things back together.


  1. Glad to see that you are alive and well. With the signature frown and all.

  2. Looks like macbook but oh wait!

  3. Joe: Haha. But for a price cheaper than a Macbook, its specs are way better than Macbook.
    Hani: Yaw whats with my frown. Haha.