Thursday, December 2, 2010


I'm not gonna talk about that. I'm fine with my elective subjects. But for core subjects, I think I sucks a lot.
Pendidikan Islam is the hardest.

During a cheering event for the rugby team.
A day like this doesn't come always.

When I look back at that picture, it simply reminds me of how fast time flies. Back then, a lot came in mind.
About what it's gonna be like at the end of the year. About taking SPM. About ending my Form 5 life. About ending my school life. About many other things. But now, those are all things of the past. The day has finally come.

School holidays have long started, leaving most of the hostel blocks empty. The fifth formers are the only ones left to lighten up the nights here. For me, as one of the fifth formers, it's an honour to enliven my last days and nights here in Malay College. These final days and nights are really tightening the bonds between batchmates and taught me a lot in valuing friendship. Probably because I know that soon, we'll be going our separate ways.

And that 'soon' I meant is just only a few days from now.


  1. This 360 panorama is the best experienced that I have in life .

  2. been there. it's hard. but it's sweet. trust me :)

  3. nurzamfaiz: you'll be facing this too later. Haha.