Saturday, October 24, 2009


Exam is just around the corner.
A week to go.
To my pals, wish you all the best.

I'm in for the interhouse english debate.
I have the feeling that it's gonna be hard,
with Idzri and Arsyad as the opposition.

The debate is gonna be on;

THBT Sex Education should be taught.

I'm in the gov's side.
Bet that topic's gonna be an advantage for my team?
The same would be for the opp.

So just bloody wish me all the best will ya!


  1. debating is a formal method of interactive and representational.
    just take it easy, i can see that you are good in English.

    i love debate although i am not a good debater -_-...YET!
    so,which position are you?

  2. lols.
    Anyways, I lost the debate.
    I'm the Prime Minister for the Govt's side.

    That was my first experience debating.