Monday, October 19, 2009

Uniform Unit Camp

Went to camp from last Friday to Sunday.
The camp activities was quite okay,
Just the campsite doesn't.
The campsite is like a controlled place, so not much of a fun.

I enjoyed the nightwalk.
There's a part where they left us to walk alone one by one in a lone road, without any lights and torchlights.

On Saturday night, there's the ending ceremony where each Uniform unit should do their performance.

Uzair, Waffy, me and Judin who're the only Fourth Former in our unit lead our unit as no Fifth former joined the camp.
We planned the performance with our juniors.

Our performance, entitled 'PBSM Sepanjang Zaman' was a sketsa on the contributions of PBSM in the world.
Surprisingly on Sunday, PBSM were announced as the winner for the best performance.
The joy we all PBSM members felt as we received a hamper.
Later at about 9 or something, went back to college hostel.

Living in hostel life is kinda fun when you're living in one.
Here, your friends are like a part of your family.

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  1. hidup PB!..glory glory pbsm..i dok no wat u toking ebaouk..