Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Days of The Analogue

The pictures were all taken using aYashica MG-1.
An old rangefinder camera from the 1975.
The one I bought from an antique seller at Arena Square, Kuala Kangsar during the Perak Water Festival.
That day, was a day I'll never forget.
And so I have the old camera as a memento.

The camera though old, it still looks nice and functioning well.
As a film camera, the pictures sure surprised me after having it processed and scanned.
Well you know, you won't know how the picture looks like the moment you snap it.
Even with some damage to the film of an unknown cause, all that I can say is,
I'm pretty much satisfied.
P/S: The light leaks, I am not sure where it came from. I'm sure that I didn't open the back cover when there's a film. I need more time experimenting to figure it out.
Yashica Mg-1, Shutter 1/500s, f=2.8, Fuji Superia ISO 200.


  1. So freakinngly awesomeness . HAHA . Great shot .

  2. Thanks. :D
    But I think it would be better without the light leaks.

  3. serius style :D

    ader jual lagi tak kamera mcm tu? berapa hrga?

  4. kasi tunjuk sikit lah camera nya. nak tgk gak. ;]

  5. True .
    Light leak is great for b&w pics .
    Or for dark pics .

  6. Awesome camera! I'm trying to look for a vintage camera as well but the ones I see at my usual antique flea market haunt in SG are usually not in very good conditions.

    Oh and thanks for dropping by my blog!

  7. encik F: ada la.

    mj: kau boleh google kalau nak tgk gambar kamera tu. haha.

    joe: yeah. kinda. If only I bought a b&w film.

    jan: not many wanna sell those cameras when they have kept it good condition. you're welcome!

  8. COOLIOO!! I'm so envy with u. hump! i want yashica too!! huhu