Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A new Prologue.

A vision. A light. Rays of the morning sun shines through the grilled casement windows of the room. Diverging into streaks, it emanated throughout the room. A room, once was dark is now illuminated. A mind, once was in a deadlock blank emptiness of the damned darkness is now enlightened by a vision. The vision of hope. The future.

After all these tumultuous years, he now awakens. Regaining back his hidden sane consciousness, he realised something. He is no longer in a delusion. He's finally out from his deluded world in his misled mind. The redolence of this sheer reality is just too perfect. In his mind, there is a faint sigh. A sigh of satisfaction. He felt a solace.

Welcome back,
says the persona.


  1. Cant wait for the writings .

  2. There'll be days when we are all going to write.

  3. weyh..english ko serious high level punyer...! bagi aku la..

  4. fairuz and maryam: lol. Neways, thx.

  5. i am now ur follower..

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  6. naim2.. xbeh2 ngn 'delusion'.. haha..

    btw,, ur english is something bro.. keep it up!!

    p/s - srry bout ur book...