Monday, March 1, 2010

Midnight owls

This was about two days ago.
Me and a few other cyber brigadiers worked late past midnight in the cyber brigade room.
More like to accompany Uzair with his work.
He's in charge with flash animations.
He was to finish a flash that was supposed to be displayed in the foyer before Monday.
It was Sunday.
And because I'm in charge of designing, I have to stay along.

At nearly 1.00 a.m. in the morning.
He finished his flash.
All that was left was to display it in the foyer.

At the foyer. Our supervisor helped us in installing it to the pc in a nearby room,
the one connected to the TV.
But he had trouble in locating the folder that we've pasted the flash.
Arif was like "there! there! in that folder".
From the foyer, our voices were unheard.

It kinda took some time until,

at last, he finally found it.

The long awaited screen.

And at that time, it's already 1.07 a.m. in the morning.
shyt ain't it?

We were dead sleepy.
And so, we headed to our hostel.
And so began another blurry camwhore session.

The blurred picture.

Blurry amir farid, uzair, roro.

snapped some low-lights just because we found it nice.

some experimenting.

later, tried slowing the shutter speed.
with a few twist on the cam,
the results were abstracts.

In the end, we stopped taking pictures because its really late already we don't want anything paranormal to get caught along in our snaps.

-post ends-

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  1. Sumpah gila lambat laa time ni . Cuak kot dorm 1 .