Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lepak - Lepak at Midvalley and The Garden

Went to Midvalley this morning with a few friends.
Me, Uzair, Abas, and Faez.

Pictures describes better than words here.

And bowling is what we did first.

Faez, Abas at the counter, Uzair.


We dared him to tuck in his shirt.
Turns out he dare. We LOST.

Uzair and his funky style.

I found this in the info board there.
Well, this is a serious question.
Who does bring along ANMUM here?

A shot that Uzair took.
I looked ugly. =___=

My shots.

Uzair's shots.

Abas' shots.

He is darned serious about tucking in his shirt.


Faez and Abas.

Uzair tried to impress us with his butt moves.
Lucky we're straight enough to avoid ourselves from being impressed by his butt.

Me with ball no. 9

Me with an off-coursed ball no. 9

And here''s Faez. Missed a lot of shots of him.

He was the star with getting many strikes.

Strikes that were so much, that got these two impressed.

After that, walked around Midvalley to look for a lomo cam, a Fish eye.
But found out that the shop didn't sell that anymore.

And somehow, in unimaginable way, accidentally got ourselves in Toy City.

Kinda spent some time there inside Toy City. Because we are fifth formers now and will be taking SPM this year, we really needed a proper release of our childishness.

After sometime, headed to The Garden because some says got a shop selling lomos there.
And yes it turns out true.

We found the LOMOs, at MOOKS.
So to lomographers out there, you can also try checking this shop out.

While checking out the lomo that Uzair dreamt of, we took a couple of shots there.

Faez, Abas, surfboards.

I can't post a lot today because I'll be going back to hostel tomorrow.
Have to pack my stuffs this night and prepare everything because tomorrow's bus is early.
Anyways, have a nice day people.


  1. weh..huh sejak biler ko berkenalan dgn abehs weh? hahaha

  2. laily: : P. tak penting untuk ko tau. Yang penting die kawan kan? haha.