Sunday, November 29, 2009

First Fish, and the 2nd

It was about 11 in the morning of today when me and dad went fishing at somewhere in Pulau Indah.
And I'll tell you what, fishing is all about releasing stress, wasting time, patience, and wasting time.
And after some time, at the right place and time, I've finally got my first catch.

I need to show off this baby. I really need to as this is my first catch after a few trips fishing.
And hell you do not know how the hell much a great deal of time I've wasted waiting like hell.
It was an "ikan gelama", I seriously don't know its english name.

And a few moments after that. Another fish.

It was like eel, and eew. As for the eewness, It was released back.
And you wouldn't know how long and how hard it takes me to get it off from the hook.
It coils, slippery, and smelly.


  1. Omg omg ewwwwwwwwwwwwwy haha. That eel thingy looks so..weird.

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  3. fishing.menguji kesabaran.
    aku x minat owh. and, it makes me sleepy. dont u?

  4. aku tak suke sgt bende yang menguji kesabaran. Sbb bende tu akan menyebabkam aku buang mase lagi byk untuk stay smpai bende tu jadi. it makes me tired.

    joe: aku tgk ko lagi geli. hehehXD

  5. ko mmg xsesuai mancing coz ko ni gelojoh., x xsabar., hahah

  6. hahaXD. Hang nak keno penyepak ka? hahaXD.

  7. Babi . Aku ni attractive kau tau ! HAHA .